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Hi, I apologise if this isn't the right place to ask this question.

I've been using Edge Beta for some time, great.  I recently updated Windows to 21H2 and since then Edge Beta will only start with the new tab rather than the set of tabs I've asked it to start with.

I've cleared the cache, taken the pages out and put back but still it doesn't want to start with tabs open that I ask it to.

Any ideas?

If this isn't the correct place please point me in the right direction.  Thanks


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Hey @Davedup! You're in the right place for this, the team is looking into similar reports for the startup pages on Dev though this is the first I've heard of someone hitting it on Beta. If you haven't already, can you submit feedback in the browser (top right ... menu > Help and Feedback > Send feedback), include diagnostics, and add a brief description? Please let me know what you put in the description so I can get your report over to the team to help their investigation! =)


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Many thanks. I've copied my description below. Please feel free to ask for anything else:

Hi, since I've updated Windows to 21H2 I've found that it no longer starts with the tabs (except very occasionally randomly) I've asked it to start with. Instead it starts with a new tab and only one tab. This was fine until I updated windows. Any screen shot would only show the new tab page but please ask if I can provide any other information.
I've tried clearing the cache but not sure what else to try.
many thanks Dave
Still not always doing what it should, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, seems random