Edge Restore_on_Startup & Startup_URLs issues using Preferences File

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Hi all,

if i using PowerShell to setting Restore_on_Startup & Startup_URLs in Preferences File, after Start, Edge clears all my values for both Parameters.

I have not any GPOs für Edge Settings and I don't want to use GPO either.

I tested with Chrome and Chrome has not any Problem.

$Edge_Pref = "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Preferences"

$Settings = Get-Content $Edge_Pref -Encoding UTF8 | ConvertFrom-Json

$S_Value = '


"restore_on_startup": 4,

"startup_urls": [ "https://google.com" ]


$Settings | Add-Member -name "session" -Value (convertfrom-json $S_Value) -MemberType NoteProperty -Force

$Settings | ConvertTo-Json -compress -Depth 99 | Out-File $Edge_Pref -Encoding UTF8

If i set Startup_URLs manually on edge://settings/startHomeNTP , i have this Values in Preferences File:

session: @{restore_on_startup=4; restore_on_startup_edge_lightweight=67E0BEBA86B40142BE31CBCB871E051C68EB22CB3232C59389A3EC1F1C;

restore_on_startup_edge_lightweight_verify=d3a08b42343f2a92382325073f267744; startup_urls=System.Object[];




What are restore_on_startup_edge_lightweight and startup_urls_edge_lightweight Parameters (Chrome has not)?


I tested with this Microsoft Edge for Business Versions:

Version 124.0.2478.67 (64-Bit)

Version 126.0.2552.0 canary (64-Bit)

Version 125.0.2535.6 dev (64-Bit)


Windows Versions:

Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2019



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