All Non-Store "System Integrated" PWA icons disappear; PWAs don't all immediately integrate

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I guess there are two sub-issues, both peculiar to edge, not other chromium browsers.

PWA apps either install without an icon or gradually lose it. I have done all the regular troubleshooting (resetting browser, reinstalling PWAs, installing different websites, trying custom pwas and websites with proper manifests, even clearing out registry).

The problem seems to strike randomly. Sometimes the icon disappears on the first launch and other times after a restart and sometimes not. I have found some things:


1. PWAs from the Microsoft Store don't have this issue.

2. If a PWA has this issue, it will still have an icon within menus and dialogues in the edge browser (i.e. edge://apps), just not in Windows (on the task bar, start menu, Apps settings, or Windows Search).

3. Creating a desktop shortcut for an affected PWA will show the icon, but clicking that shortcut, or pinning it to the taskbar or start menu, will always open up the blank icon again.

4. On every PWA not from the store that still has an icon, there is a shortcut file in my start menu folder (%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs), but once the icon is gone, there is no shortcut available (like MSIX apps).
5. From 3 and 4, I am pretty certain this is caused by the native integration of edge PWAs, where they appear in windows menus and are treated more like native MSIX apps.
The puzzling part is why this is inconsistent (why some web apps install natively and others eventually integrate eventually). It seems to be random.

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Did you get anywhere with this?


We have a strange, but similar problem.  PWAs are being installed.   We can then quit edge and run the PWAs.  However, when we shutdown restart windows and log back in and then open Edge, all PWAs get removed, from the desktop and within Edge.