InPrivate and Family Groups for Edge

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Hi, I'm trying to configure the availability of InPrivate mode for Edge on a per-user basis on a few computers running Windows 10 Pro. Edge is the current Edge Dev build. Sign in to Windows is done via Microsoft account; the kids have accounts that are part of a Microsoft Family Group and the screen time/app controls, etc. all seem to be working fine.


The issue is that on one computer the kids' accounts do not have access to InPrivate mode, but on the other computer they do. In both cases the Edge menu states "Managed by your Family Group". I can't figure out what is different between the two computers. I also can't find any docs on how this is supposed to work (e.g., is there some control at where I could enable/disable the availability of InPrivate on a per-kid basis?). Any suggestions? I'm assuming the intended behavior is that family organizers can use InPrivate but kids can't, which would be fine for me if it actually worked.


I'm also aware that InPrivate mode can be controlled both through Registry settings and through Local Group Policy, but as far as I can tell both of these methods apply to all users on the computer and there is no way to do it on a per-user basis. If there's a way to do either of these per-user that would work too. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I also had the same problem in the past and opened a conversation about it and got a solution from Microsoft Employee which is as follows: 

@TheShaunSaw Thanks for pointing it out. However my goal is to disable InPrivate for my kids. Checking on I see both of them have Activity Tracking enabled with the note below stating "InPrivate browsing is disabled".


But the problem remains that on one computer, InPrivate mode is disabled for the kids as it should be, while on the other computer the same kids are able to use InPrivate mode even though the Edge menu states "Managed by your Family Group".


After looking at your issue, I am tagging @ShirleyNg who I think can help you to resolve your issue or else you can file a ticket on this webpage about your issue.

Hi there! On the computer that InPrivate is not disabled, is the activity reporting feature working? Also just to confirm, your child's account is signed into the device itself (ie. through Windows)? 


I'm sorry family safety is not working as expected but I appreciate you sending feedback! Thanks!

@ShirleyNg Thanks for responding! On the computer where InPrivate is not disabled, I confirmed that the activity reporting feature is working (I see usage showing up at And yes, the child is signed in to the device (Windows login) through her Microsoft account.

@stevexyz Sorry for the extremely late response, are you still experiencing issues with Inprivate? We've made a couple of updates since then so just wanted to double check. Thanks!

@ShirleyNg  Hi. I have same issue with a new laptop I bought my child.  I specially chose Microsoft instead of apple for this child as I had better experiences with Microsoft on another Childs computer using Edge on Windows 10 but not being able to limit inprivate window on this new childs computer is really a disappointment!  Hope Microsoft solves this asap.  Thanks