BUG report: Critical Issues regarding Edge for Android

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Hello there! I am unable to send a bug report using the integrated feedback tool. I get the message "can't send" as shown in the first attached picture. The app is updated to the latest version. My mobile phone is a Xiaomi Mi 8 and it's updated to the latest version too (MIUI 12.0.1). Actually, the bug that I would like to report, except from the fact that I can't use the in-app feedback tool, is that it is impossible to download any file using the Edge browser (see the 2nd picture). I keep getting the error "SD card not found". Please note that I have provided the required permissions to the app and other browsers are working just fine. What do you suggest to address the issue? Thank you in advance!



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Kam, please read the message before replying. It says he can't send using the feedback button. Ditto for me on any Android device.