Come talk with us about browser perf, management or sign-in


We’re back

We learned so much and felt so great after talking with you all last time, we wanted to do it again. Whether you joined us with our first release in the Dev channel, or just visited us for the first time today, we would like to hear more about your experience.


We are especially interested in talking to Insiders who have experienced one of the following:

  • Rolling out our new Microsoft Edge across multiple platforms
  • Need to manage Microsoft Edge in a BYOD environment
  • Signed in or tried to sign into Microsoft Edge
  • Use multiple profiles in Microsoft Edge
  • Feel like it utilizes too much RAM or CPU


We have lined up representatives from our Performance team, Manageability team and Identity team to take your feedback and help you out. We track your feedback through our in-application feedback, forum and Twitter already, but this is your chance to talk directly, one-on-one, with our Microsoft engineers and help guide future development.


Organized by Microsoft User Research and the Edge team, this voluntary research event is also great way to get even more out of your Insider builds. For more information―and to add the event to your calendar―simply visit one of the event pages below. At the time of the event, return to the page to join the session and you’ll be looped in as soon as our engineers are available. Each 1:1 session runs about 10-15 minutes.


We look forward to talking with you!


Manageability Panel
Thursday, January 30 from 11:00-12:30pm PST



Identity Panel
Thursday, January 30 from 11:00-12:30pm PST



Performance Panel
Thursday, January 30 from 11:00-12:30pm PST




If you are interested in having Microsoft contact you directly for other research and feedback opportunities, please sign up for our new Microsoft Edge Insider focused research panel.




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I would LOVE to see the new Edge become as optimized as the old/legacy Edge and easy on battery life.

I have never been more impressed with Microsoft - than I have with the build of Chromium Edge.
The communications, engagement, development - have been remarkable, and I hope other parts of Microsoft can leverage this as a standard to measure their own developments by.
@Elliot Kirk 

Thank you Robin, that means a lot to us!

Hi@Elliot Kirk 


I can't complete sign up process

getting this error after clicking "sign" on the Email I receive





You don't have permission to access /public/esign on this server.

Apache Server at Port 443



 I tried resending the email but again I received that error 





Could you manually finalize my request?

Thank you all for calling in to talk with us.  This was really productive for us.  I think that we will be doing another one of these in February. Topics will be announced soon. 

Hi @HotCakeX, I have forwarded this thread on to the team that owns this workflow, so that they can investigate.  Thank you for trying to join up.  I will let you know if I hear anything back from the research team.  Thanks - Elliot 

Thank you! I figured out though, it was a problem with Adobe servers. Microsoft was using Adobe online service to provide digital signing feature and when I reached the Adobe servers, I got that error, turned out it was a problem with my network.
anyway thanks for the follow up.

Now that you have gotten unblocked, you will be able to participate next time.  Thanks - Elliot 

@Elliot Kirk 


Microsoft Edge Chromium is the Best in All time , and I Wish it will come in new Design soon 

@Elliot Kirk We love new Microsoft Edge and now Microsoft edge is 2nd largest used browser in march we are happy to hear that but it needs some extra features.

One of that feature is we needed is Microsoft To-Do app integration in Microsoft Edge browser  so it is help to connect all services of Microsoft.

@Elliot Kirki have installed Edge Canary on multiple computers because I like the vertical tabs. I have (1) computer that no matter what I do, I can't them to show up on.  I tried removing and re-installing, registry changes that I found searching but nothing has resolved the issue.


Can you or anyone reading this help me resolve this?

@muehterc That feature is in A/B test: some users get it and some don't

@jeanBlog much appreciated.  I thought that might be the case but just wanted to be sure,

@muehterc still no vertical tabs.  still not for everyone?  please help

do you know how i can find out when it's out for all?  i still don't have it after about the last 5 updates that have come out.

@Elliot Kirk Some feedback on these topics before the meeting:


- the auto-update in Win10 to Edgium stable imported outdated bookmarks from Edge Classic, I'd have loved an option to say "no thank you", because I'd been on Edge Dev for months already.  

- I'm scared to enable bookmark sync on my old iOS Edge install because of fear of ending up with a mishmash of old and new bookmarks. It's happened before.. IMO there needs to be some kind of prompt stating "do you want to overwrite with faves from cloud or merge local and cloud?". 

- I still have installs that 'partly sync', e.g. an ARM tablet that shows no error messages in Edgium ARM, and yet it's signed in with sync on, with days-old bookmark moves and deletes not pulled from the cloud. Can users troubleshoot this?


Long story short, I love sync because I juggle many devices, but while kinks are being ironed out could we perhaps get some tool to compare bookmarks on devices, or an option to fix sync by forcing the complete bookmarks structure from one device onto any of my other devices? 


Second request: sync is great (when it works), but please include custom searches into sync. I love those, but even though they're more work to set up than a bookmark, custom searches are NOT synchronized.  


Anyway, happy meetings, hope these topics will come up, and get placed on the to do list