Give Extension ability to show in the sidebar.

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Will extensions in edge be able to run in the sidebar instead of popup like the collections extension?

*evidence that collection is an extension (with some private permissions) copy and paste the URL bellow in Omni box.


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Very good question and Thanks for the URL, never seen Collections that big :)
but it's definitely the proof that Collections is an extension! probably a hardcoded one? like a modular browser

they even call it chrome-extension:// and not Edge-extension://
like com on, give yourselves some credits

@HotCakeX not entirely MS has added API's for collection into Edge. The extension is just a html, css and javascript for the UI. You can check the API's by opening devtools and typing chrome.collectionsPrivate. in the console. But just experiment much because it can ruin your collections data.


It's okay i don't have anything important in my collections anyway :)

hello, now is 2022.7, is there some way to use sidebar in extension? thanks@Maan2003