Win10 update of Edge classic leads to Favorites sync mess when already running Dev


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Win10 just updated and installed Edge Chromium stable. After the update, I see that the installer has imported all classic Edge favorites. The problem, these favorites were terribly outdated because I'd been running Edge Dev for the longest time. 


So now what? Edge stable has old bookmarks, and says "not syncing". I'm afraid if I enable sync, I'll end up with some garbled mix of favorites. If I delete the imported ones and then hit sync, I'm afraid the sync engine will delete current bookmarks from Edge Dev. What's the safe way out of this? 


Request (probably a bit late..), please tell the users "Hey, your account shows that you have an active Edge Chromium install already, want to sync with that one?"

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@ChromeRefugee thanks for the feedback and feature suggestion. For your specific case, I think you do the following:

1. In the new Stable version with Favorites you don't want, use the Export tool to store them just in case you ever want them again. (From Manage Favorites, click the ... menu on the top of the page)

2. Delete the Favorites

3. Export your Favorites from the Dev channel

4. In Stable, click to "Import Favorites" and select choose to use an HTML file

5. Browse to the HTML File

6. Turn on Sync


That should do it.




@johnjansen Thanks for the hand-holding. :) I'll see if this works for me. In future updates, some way to a) prevent unwanted merges from happening during the upgrade, b) resolve "sync gone wrong" situations would be helpful. Thanks again, cheers.