Some Behavior changes in Edge

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Some Behaviors need to corrected

1. Ctrl+Shift+B (Favorite Bar) changes between 2 states but there are 3 possible states. Only on new tabs is missing.


2. The Alt key sets focus to the "..." menu but does not blur(remove focus) it when pressed twice

3. The Alt key doesn't work when focus is in the Omni Box but F10 does.

4. Change F1 shortcut for devtools settings to Ctrl+, to match with VS Code and Windows Terminal

5. Rename Chrome Data Saver warning to Edge Data Saver warning in Devtools Settings


5. When pressing Alt+<space> , so many wierd options:

   a. What does cut copy and pasting of windows mean ???

   b. so many grey out options.

   c. Print (⊙_⊙)


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This is a very constructive feedback. all of these problems exist in latest Edge canary and i can reproduce them.

really hope they get the attention and get fixed