Change the Edge Website - Microsoft Edge is not just a shopping browser

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For some time, whenever I visit the Microsoft Edge website to check out what's new there, I see that it is written in big text that Microsoft Edge is the best browser for shopping. I first noticed it when it was black Friday. I thought it is cool to see changes on the website in what tasks Microsoft Edge can do with different work but for some time I am seeing that the website only shows about shopping and the same happened today. The problem over there is that Microsoft Edge is not just a browser made for shopping, it is a multi-purpose browser that can be used to complete different tasks easily. When a new person wants to download Microsoft Edge, he/she will download it from that website but then that user may think that this browser is only made for shopping and may not even scroll down to see different features and that may lose a new user for Microsoft Edge, the Edge community wants this browser to grow up. I hope that practices like these are stopped in the future and the browser is presented on the website in a way that it can do all tasks for a user rather than just shopping.


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