Dev channel update to 93.0.946.1 is live


Hello Insiders!  Today we’re releasing build 93.0.946.1 to the Dev channel.  In community news: 



As for everything that’s new in the product: 


Added features: 


  • Added the ability to upload payment card info from a webpage to your Microsoft Account in order to sync it across devices.  Note that this is currently only available in the United States. 
  • Added the ability to share websites directly to email or social media sites via the Share tool. 
  • Added a dialog after installing a PWA or website as an app that gives easy access to the capability to pin the app to the taskbar, Start menu, or desktop. 
  • Added a flag to enable visual changes for Windows 11. 
  • Enabled by default the setting to hide the title bar when Vertical Tabs are enabled. 
  • Finished feature rollouts:
    • Quiet Notifications
    • Device authentication before autofilling a password
    • Adding Web Captures to Collections
  • Added management policies (note that updates to documentation or administrative templates may not have occurred yet):
    • MSA Web Site SSO Using This Profile is Allowed, which controls if MSA credentials on the device can be used for SSO, regardless of the browser profile’s sign-in state
    • Show PDF Default Recommendations is Enabled
    • Implicit Sign In is Enabled
    • Configure View In File Explorer capabilities for Sharepoint
  • Enabled management policies from Chromium:
    • Relaunch the Window interval
    • Remote Debugging is Allowed
    • Default Javascript Jit Setting
    • JavaScript Jit Allowed For Sites
    • JavaScript Jit Blocked For Sites
  • Enabled mainstream support for keyboard accessible tooltips in web content. 
  • Added support for Open XR Extended Features. 


Improved reliability: 


  • Fixed a crash when opening a new tab. 
  • Fixed a crash when switching tabs. 
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with tabs. 
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when closing a window. 
  • Fixed a crash when switching to a different profile. 
  • Fixed a crash on launch. 
  • Fixed a crash on launch on Mac. 
  • Fixed a crash when using Web Capture. 
  • Fixed a crash when using spellchecking to replace a misspelled word. 
  • Fixed a crash when closing certain popups. 
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with extensions. 
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when updating the browser. 
  • Fixed a crash on Windows 11. 
  • Fixed an issue where the browser sometimes crashes after re-opening a PWA or installed app. 
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the Efficiency Mode button. 
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when entering fullscreen from within a PWA or website installed as an app. 


Changed behavior: 


  • Improved the number of sites that are shown as eligible for Immersive Reader. 
  • Added more sites to the Kids mode allow list. 
  • Fixed an issue where Netflix playback sometimes fails with error D7355. 
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown menus in webpages sometimes are missing items or don’t open. 
  • Fixed an issue on Mac and Linux where searching on the Settings page causes it to go blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Appearance Settings page is sometimes blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Site Permissions Settings page is blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where payment card nicknames don’t sync. 
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a link on a work account to change the account’s picture doesn’t load a page where the picture can be changed. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain Dev Tools panes like 3D View are blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where PWAs or websites installed as apps created from IE mode sites don’t launch. 
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a Collection to OneNote from an InPrivate window doesn’t work. 
  • Fixed an issue where downloading a currently-open Office file causes the tab to become blank. 
  • Fixed an issue where Favorites to non-webpages sometimes don’t open. 
  • Fixed an issue where Web Capture area selection stops unexpectedly. 
  • Fixed an issue where text notes in Collections sometimes aren’t saved properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where the button to send feedback doesn’t work. 
  • Fixed an issue where popups are sometimes rendered offscreen. 
  • Fixed an issue where generated passwords sometimes aren’t saved for later use with autofill. 
  • Fixed an issue where Favorites can be added via an IE mode tab even though this ability is disabled in regular tabs via a management policy. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain payment card details aren’t imported correctly from other browsers. 
  • Fixed an issue where favicons are sometimes blank or black squares. 
  • Fixed an issue on HoloLens where the on-screen keyboard doesn’t appear when it should. 
  • Fixed an issue where a banner to set the default browser sometimes appears even though the browser is already set as the default. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain fonts in Immersive Reader don’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where favicons don’t appear in History for synced tabs. 
  • Fixed an issue where prices aren’t correct when adding items from shopping sites into a Collection. 
  • Fixed an issue where PWAs or websites installed as apps sometimes are slow to open.  
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where Shy UI sometimes doesn’t work or is partially obscured. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Efficiency Mode popup can’t be unpinned once it’s pinned. 
  • Fixed an issue where downloads are unexpectedly blocked by SmartScreen when they shouldn’t be. 
  • Fixed an issue where the management policy to control if Legacy Same Site Cookie Behavior is Enabled doesn’t work.  Note that this policy will be removed in a future release. 
  • Changed the management policy to control if Autoplay is Allowed.  The Autoplay setting is now set to Limit instead of Block if the policy is set to False in order to improve website compatibility. 
  • Obsoleted TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 in the SSL Version Min management policy. 


Known issues: 


  • Certain extensions such as the Microsoft Editor extension don’t work on Linux.  As soon as they’re installed, they crash and are disabled.  We’re currently investigating. 
  • Users of certain ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on Youtube.  As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to proceed.  See this help article for more details. 
  • Some users are still running into an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error.  The most common cause of this error is outdated security or antivirus software from vendors like Symantec, and in those cases, updating that software will fix it. 
  • Users of the Kaspersky Internet Suite who have the associated extension installed may sometimes see webpages like Gmail fail to load.  This failure is due to the main Kaspersky software being out of date, and is thus fixed by making sure the latest version is installed. 
  • Some users are still seeing favorites get duplicated.  This issue should be reduced now that automatic deduplication has been introduced into Insider channels, but we’re still rolling that out in Stable.  We’ve also seen duplication happen when running the manual deduplicator on multiple machines before either machine has a chance to fully sync its changes, so make sure to leave plenty of time in between runs of the deduplicator. 
  • Some users are seeing “wobbling” behavior when scrolling using trackpad gestures or touchscreens, where scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to subtly scroll back and forth in the other.  Note that this only affects certain websites and seems to be worse on certain devices.  This is most likely related to our ongoing work to bring scrolling back to parity with Edge Legacy’s behavior, so if this behavior is undesirable, you can temporarily turn it off by disabling the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag. 


As always, we couldn’t do this without you! 


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Still no news for PDF improvements? Still white bars appear while scrolling, still no page scrolling, still no page thumbnails. But your "whats-next" page says these were all supposed to rolled out or being rolled out but there is nothing yet? Do you have any news about PDF features?
Re: Added the ability to upload payment card info from a webpage to your Microsoft Account

The "Show cards from your Microsoft account" section of edge://settings/payments is missing for me in beta, dev, and canary. Cards that are known to be saved to my MSA (i.e. listed on are listed in Edge with "No - Save now" in the Saved across devices column. If I save one, it disappears from Edge though it will appear in stable as well as Edge dev on iOS.
For some reason Edge has always had problems with Korean IME. Had submitted feedbacks many times before and those problems even got fixed, only to reappear in some later build. As of now, if I switch to Korean alphabet (using the Alt key) while typing in Edge's address bar, it doesn't stay that way when I want to type something in the bar the next time. The input reverts back to Latin alphabet. This behaviour is not seen in any other text input boxes (afaik). Only the address bar notoriously has had this issue since a long time now.
Still no sign in Canary and Dev of an acceptable, useable UI for left and right clicking on many more extension buttons than will fit in the toolbar. I presume we will be losing the very acceptable and useable UI for that from Stable soon, to be replaced by the Extensions button that is awful for that with e.g. 20 more extensions than will fit in the toolbar, at which point I'll be giving up on you, uninstalling all Edges from laptop and phone, and will stop bothering you having given up on this software in which the rush of shinny bells and whistles cannot make up for something that to me is a very basic UI issue.
Suddenly Smart Copy option is missing for me. Is there a flag to enable it now?
I still see white bars during PDF scrolling. PDF text is not as clear as it was in legacy edge. Webpage scrolling is infinitely worse than legacy edge. It is broken in every other canary build. The right click menu has again started to pop up when scrolling so reopen that bug.

Seeing how little progress has been made since chromium edge's inception in the areas where legacy edge excelled at I'll give you guys 3-4 years till you get it right.

@josh_bodner Re: Device authentication before autofilling a password


There is a potential security flaw with this feature, at least on canary.  On today's canary when I turn on device auth, it defaults to once per session with a non-default always option.  The flaw is that if the authenticated user has performed auth, someone else can come along later and turn this feature off without another auth challenge.  Dev differs in that the default change is an every minute option I don't see in canary but that still is flawed.


An attempt to turn this feature off should always trigger a challenge so that it can't be disabled without the consent of the authorized user.  it does appear there is some other system wide setting that also affects this. if I wait a while, a sign in doesn't require a new challenge but turning off the feature does.


"Desktop PWA tab strips" flag doesn't work. It only works on the stable version

@josh_bodner when can we expect this for iOS and android


What browser will you switch to?
I want TestFlight link for Dev beta on iOS
I was stuck on old Dev version 93.0.933.3
Can I get new link if it’s possible ?
But that's the current version on iOS.
Windows 11 Visual Changes flags just changed the padding alignment and centered close bar, but nothing changes with context menu and top bar. Still no mica tab bar and no acrylic context menu.
So you mean this Dev beta is still isn’t available for iOS it’s only for android and some other right?
The current tab always displaying in white color. I'm using the Wandering Fields theme. I don't know if the theme has to do with this behaviour.
Hello, I was still wondering when the Passwords page in Setttings will be fixed so it does not display blank? This has been going on for about 3 versions now. It's on the ARM M1 Mac version Dev.

Thank you,

@josh_bodner There is an issue with the PDF when I open it in Edge. I only see a part of the pdf and when I scroll down it is just blank. 

Still having an issue on my Bing homepage where the "Show news and interests" button is not persistently checked when opening a new EdgeDev session, and not persistently checked between platforms. I have reported this numerous times using the Feedback form for EdgeDev and on the Bing home page, but still no joy. The button used to stay on early in EdgeDev development but has kept reverting to the off position for months. Any chance your team can look into this, please? TYVM.

I'm facing the same issue... Have you managed to fix it?