Service Trust Portal no longer support Microsoft Account (MSA) access

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Dear all,


We need to access certain documents (i.e., SOC 2 or ISO 27xxx) on the Service Trust Portal.

To download documents you need to be signed in first.


However, when I click on "sign in" (using the same email/account as for our azure account) I get the error message "Service Trust Portal no longer support Microsoft Account (MSA) access." (see screenshot below).


It seems that I am not the only one since other users had similar issues but they also could not find a solution (or at least it was not mentioned in their post):

I have been trying this now since more than a week and also created a support ticket (which has not been assigned to a support agent yet). It is quite cumbersome and I hope some of you could have an idea since getting these documents is quite crucial for us






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I am facing the same issue, even though I am already signed into my azure account

@konstantinrink works fine here - just used the link provided from you:






Seems not worked as expected, in this case, may need Microsoft support to handle