'Azure NPS Extension for Azure MFA' licensing

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We have interest in installing the Azure NPS extension for Azure MFA to protect our on premise remote access VPN solution. This VPN solution is a simple firewall that provides remote access (client) VPN to our users and is used in combination with our local Win2019 Network Policy Server which acts as radius to enable the users to authenticate with their AD credentials. Those AD credentials are also synced from our local AD to Azure AD Free using Azure AD connect. 


I'm trying to determine if I need extra licensing for the extension. The documentation says: "The NPS Extension for Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication is available to customers with licenses for Microsoft Entra multifactor authentication"

When I click that last link it has a table that, amongst other things, says it's available to "All Microsoft 365 plans"

Most of our users have Exchange Online plans, some users have Office 365 Business standard plans. Both user groups already have MFA enabled and working when for example, logging in to Outlook webmail https://outlook.office.com with their synced AD identity.


Do we need extra licenses in order to install and use Azure NPS extension for Azure MFA or not? 


Thanks in advance



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