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I'm writing a thesis and have inserted a field in the upper right header displaying heading 1. I have a heading 1 "Literature Review" but it only displays "Literature rev" in the header?

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Is this a STYLEREF field? Is the field referencing a paragraph style or a character style? 



Yes it is a STYLEREF field. 


I modified Heading 1 by myself by 'right clicking' Heading 1 (from default word template) and then clicked modify. 

Now when I 'right click' on Heading 1 I get the following information:

- Style type: Linked (paragraph and character) -> cannot change this

- Style based on: Normal

- Style for following paragraph: Normal


I don't know if this answer your question. 




There have been some reports on damaged STYLEREF fields. I believe this is being investigated by Microsoft, but you should still report it. In Word for Windows, you can click File > Feedback > Send a Frown.