msword - bulk hyperlink relinking within document

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I'm trying to relink in bulk hyperlinks within the document when they are moved around.



  1. ON Page 1, I typed the text "Link1"
  2. ON Page 2, I typed the text "Text1", formatted this text with the header 2 style
  3. ON PAGE 1, I hyperlinked the text "Link1" > to This document then to "Text1"
  4. now when I click "Link1" and as expected it went to the page where "Text1" was located.


  1. Now if I move. "Text1" to page 3. Then went back to "Link1" and clicked it. It doesn't go to page 3 and Text1.

Sure I repeat step 3 and relink it to the text1 residing on page 3 but

  1.  if I have a bunch of links and a bunch of pages to do this repeatedly and test every link is too tedious.
  2. Also, moving content around can break links to the other links.
  3. I'd prefer not to use bookmarks because then I have to manage bookmark variables


  1. I selected all and right-click and update field didn't work.


  1. Is there a way in word to do this? I'd hope so since it seems like a critical feature.  (using macos (preferred) but if need be windows version can be used, also have access to office 365)
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Also, attempted to select all and F9 and still the relinking to the headers didn't happen.
Using the Header style links or the bookmark links when attempt to move the target content around, there doesn't seem to be a way to relink that target content to the text link. seems like a pretty standard practice to move content around and seems strange that you have to manually check all links. Has to a way I'm not seeing. Any help would be appreciated or another way to achieve this objective built into word.