Copying and linking Excel tables (landscape mode) to Word (portrait mode)

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I want to insert tables from Excel into a Word document. However, the Word document is in portrait orientation and has a header and footer that need to be located on the narrow side margins of the pages displaying the tables as they would in portrait mode. The tables, on the other hand, are large enough to span across multiple pages in landscape orientation and need to be separated - automatically at best.

Ideally, the table would automatically repeat the header row at the top of each new page. Additionally, the inserted Excel table would be linked to the original file, so changes in the .xlsx file would reflect in the table inserted in the Word document.


How can I achieve this goal?


Here is what I have tried already:
section breaks - helps, inserting and linking the table in landscape mode but issues with footer, header and page breaks arise
creating an extra text field and rotating the table - no link and therefore no updated data in the table, next to the issue with page breaks


In the end I need to insert around 20-30 multi-page long tables in landscape format and would really appreciate avoiding a tremendous amount of work, every time I need to update the data in the tables.


If there is more information needed, I´d be happy to share them.


Thank you for your assistance!

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