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Copy and paste from Word to my document does not accept my document's formatting

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@WGB320 Have you tried right clicking where you want to paste and selected the various options for the method of pasting that appear.  



Perhapse the last one - "text only" may be the most appropriate.  Or, you could try the middle one - Merge Formatting.


Fiestly I have sought help from Microsoft Help, they couldn't help me and suggested the forums. Secondly when I used Windows 10 I never had a problem, this only started 3 weeks ago when I bought a new computer with Wimdows 11 Thanks for your reply, but I only get 1 option when right-clicking Paste Options.

@WGB320 Are you using Word On-line, or the Desk Top Application?


The paste options that are available will depend on the type of information that is copied to the clipboard.