Multiple shortcuts suddenly stopped working.

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Normal keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl+C, ctrl+V, ctrl+Z, ctrl+Y, and ctrl+S suddenly stopped working for me. Some shortcuts still work, for example, ctrl+B or ctrl+U.

I have no idea what caused it, and when I click 'Reset All' in the Ribbon Customization menu it doesn't get them back. Furthermore, I then readded some of these shortcuts manually and reseted the list, and it did delete the new additions, but didn't return the old hotkeys. It oddly looks like the original list was somehow hardwired not to include some of these shortcuts anymore.

I tried reopening Word and restarting my computer, but it didn't work.

What options do I have to my avail?

Thanks a lot to whomever can help

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@Shir_Sagi If you access the Customize Keyboard dialog and press CTRL+c when the focus is in the Press new shortcut key: control, is anything shown to the right of currently assigned to:?


Another thing to try is to rename the Normal.dom template to Old Normal.dotm and then re-start Word and see if the issue is overcome.




First of all, thank you for the reply.

When I clicked ctrl+C or other shortcuts it didn't show any assigned keys. Your picture does fortunately reveal the name of the copy command (I didn't know what was its phrasing), and now I could also add hotkeys for EditPaste or EditUndo and such important hotkeys.

Some of these hotkeys had different unusual keys attached to them (EditCopy had, for example, Ctrl+Insert, EditCut had Shift+Del, etc.), but I suppose they were always there just unnoticed. Or maybe not, I don't know.

I couldn't find a way to rename the .dotm file, unfortunately, the only option I saw was to save the changes to the current document.

In the meanwhile having most of the shortcuts back mostly resolved the issue.