Converting Equation Editor objects

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I have Microsoft Office for Mac, Home & Student, 2019, which displays historical Equation Editor objects as images, but no longer supports editing those objects. (They were originally created using Office 2011, using both Word and PowerPoint.)


How do I go about converting those Equation Editor objects to a new format, presumably OMML? I have hundreds of documents with thousands of equations on them, and retyping those equations by hand isn't realistic.


Current error message that appears when I double-click one of those equations is shown here.


Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 9.58.28 AM.png

In looking for a solution online there are references to WIRIS's MathType as a paid third-party solution to the problem, but there must be a way of converting these equations...

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@rwhite5279 I know your question was posted a long, long time ago... but I have recently had the same problem. The only way I have found, so far, of converting back to equation mode is by right clicking on the image, selecting 'equation object', then 'convert to office maths'. It is still time consuming, but not so much as re-typing it all out. I'm fairly new to using this system... If anyone has a way of converting all equation objects in a document into its original editable format, I'd really appreciate any tips!