File Locked and then Lost in Word

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Yesterday I went to open a draft Word File by going to Recent, finding the file and trying to open.

Instead I was told I did not have permission to acccess the file although I am the sole user of this computer and had done nothing to in any way fiddle with access issues in creating or saving it.


I went to close the Recent listing after getting that response, only to discover that the file no longer exists.  I have searched every drive I have and it is totally gone.  I know the file did exist, I knew words in the draft to search on that were unique and yet nothing.   Has anyone else had a similar situation? 


I will say that it is not often, but I have had past problems with being told I don't have access permission for a file I have created

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Had you ever saved the file?

If using a Windows computer, go to File>Info>Manage Document>Recover Unsaved Documents and see if the file is there.

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVPI DID save it and know that it so because it had a unique file name I had used when saving it.  Also, it appeared on the list of Recent files when I clicked on the RECENT tab to find it.  I saw it on the list, but then when I clicked to select and open it, got the message that I didn't have access.  I am the sole user of this computer and its administrator.  I had done nothing relating to permissions, although I have had a few situations over time when this issue came up and thus lwas about to go in as administrator and unlock things, but as I say, when I went to find the file after getting the "You don't have permission" message, it was gone.  I have searched every drive and flash drive connected to my computer as well as trash and did not locate it.  I have an IMac and the Mac version of Office 360