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I am involved in a lot and lot of documents drafting on MS Word.
Basically, those documents differs from client to client (similar to legal drafting). Many of the clauses/items are uniform. However there are various data such as Name of the person/entity, their address, contact person, unique identification number etc., which differs in every documents and needs to be fed multiple times at various places. It consumes a lot of time and ends up with errors/mistakes since it involves manual feeding. I seek for your help to understand the features of MS word better which could help me to automate the process by feeding it once in the document. Can you please help me on the same?

Anything like Quick Parts>Documentary Properties with additional options or Auto Text or Mail Merge or an add in with greater flexibility with simple interface would help us.

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@AnilDoshi My recommendation would be to set up a macro-enabled (.dotm) template with the fixed text and insert DOCVARIABLE fields in the locations were the variable data is required and have an autonew macro in the template display a userform that had controls into which the user would insert the variable data.

See the following pages of Greg Maxey's website

If there are segments of variable text that you may want to optionally insert, they could be saved as building blocks in the template and a building block Content Control would be inserted into the template at the location where that text is to be inserted.  See the following thread for information on that process


Also see the following pages of Greg Maxey's website, that were referenced in the above thread, for additional information that may be of assistance to you.


Post back if you have any questions.



@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP at the outset, let me first thank you for the detailed response. Basically i'm not an expert like you all here and seeking for your guidance/assistance to create a one time doc keeping it as simple as possible and ignore all the repeated areas in the document. I prefer to avoid Mail merger or VBA.
Any other alternate available?

See the following pages of Greg Maxey's website to which references were also make in the thread for which I provided the URL