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Anybody know where the Advanced Document Properties button went in the Customize Ribbon dialog?


In latest version 2210, I can no longer find it in the dialog, which means I cannot added to Quick Access Toolbar.

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You asked about the Ribbon.

View Document Properties




Personally, I prefer it on the QAT. It is the same command there.

The keyboard shortcut is (Alt, F, I, QS, down arrow, Enter). Not a great shortcut.



Much appreciated.  Up until this release it was just Advanced Document Properties.  I went as far down as Show... in the list, didn't think about View...  Which kind of brings up inconsistencies in naming things.


Yeah, I prefer it in the QAT as well which is technically still part of the ribbon, so you have to use the Customize Ribbon dialog.  This and Insert Field are usually the first things I add to new install of Word.


The Customize the Ribbon dialog is different from the QAT dialog.

Among other things, it lets you customize where you store the customization. I store almost all of my QAT customizations in other files than the default.

See my page on this: Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in Microsoft Word 


Storing elsewhere makes such customizations more portable and also less subject to the vagaries of Microsoft.