Changing properties/settings for multiple Word documents

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Is there a way to change properties for a range of documents in one go, rather than do each separately?
When I receive a batch of files from a client, there is a series of settings I have to change for each one, that is always the same. I have to do this manually in each document at the moment.
There must be a quicker way!
1. Say I receive 20 documents from a client. I know that each needs to be edited as UK English, but they are all in something else (e.g., US English). Can I do this without having to open each one and change it there?
2. Similar, but for Trust Centre settings: to untick the "Remove personal information from file properties on save"?
3. Track Changes settings advanced options... again, each document needs the same boxes ticked. Is there a way to do this for multiple documents?
Ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
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