Why have all Microsoft download links for wushowhide.diagcab been broken for many months?

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This important Windows Update troubleshooter is the recommended solution in many Windows support articles, but for some hidden reason Microsoft have made it impossible to obtain.



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Hi Bruce, Thanks for your question, here's the general process. Does this help? Select Start Windows logo Start button > Settings Gear-shaped Settings icon > Update & Security Circular arrows Sync icon > Troubleshoot. Next. Hope this helps, -Kevin
No, that doesn't help at all.

I'm specifically asking about the tool in the subject line to hide and prevent reinstallation of a driver update or Windows update.


If it's gone forever, please could someone at Microsoft have the decency to explain why, and tell Bing it's buried:

Is that it? I regret wasting my time.


"Get answers to any questions you may have"


More like, "You've got questions, we've got shrugs."

Does not help. Microsoft used to provide a tool to hide updates and several months ago it was removed without any communication to anyone as to why it was removed.

1. Why was it removed?
2. Will there be a replacement tool?
Hi, Bruce, let me look into this for you. There were some files which were removed due to the SHA-1 signing removal process. Let me check the status. I appreciate your patience. "So, I'm trying to prevent those specific updates from reinstalling using Microsoft's own tool they mention here and here, but the download link 404s from both.

Seriously, it's just gone. Good job, Microsoft. I guess they really didn't like how many people decided they needed to use their Kyoceras today."
Thank you all for your patience. The troubleshooter was initially removed as part of our SHA-1 deprecation, where we removed all content on the DLC which had only SHA-1 signing. We are working to re-sign this with a SHA-2 certificate and verify that it works as expected, and will re-publish. I will follow up again shortly.
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The troubleshooter has been re-signed with a SHA-2 cert and has been republished. Thank you for your patience. As for the remaining list, I don’t have anything to add at this time but will check if there are plans to resign those.