OK, so how do we get the RTM version?

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I notice that Server 2019 RTMed a week ago. Yay!

Various links in content authored by Microsoft link to the download centre, saying stuff like "Download it today", however the download centre does not have it listed. :(. Example below:


Is there some other way this can be obtained? We are doing a server refresh really soon now, and need to get some application testing ASAP.

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@Amal Dev - Windows Server 2019/1809 went directly to General Availability on Oct 2nd; the RTM phase was skipped.


However, Windows Server 2019 LTSC and 1809 SAC as well as Windows 10 1809 SAC and Windows 10 2019 LTSC were pulled from availability on Oct 6th after reports of a data-deletion bug in the upgrade process, and some Intel driver issues. The bits are currently not available for download, and users are advised not to install from media they may have downloaded previously.



Please refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history - this page is Windows 10-focused but also applies to Windows Server.  Thanks for your patience.

So when is SP1? ;)


The GA version may be better, but 17733 has a lot of issues here. I have built out a nice domain of VMs, but there are a number of what I call silly issues - I've posted 4 today.