RDP Works, RemoteApps Do Not

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Hi Everyone,


We are having an issue with RemoteApps. This has recently stopped working. We can still RDP into the server and run the programs just fine. When we log into the RD Gateway and click on a published app we are prompted for credentials and authenticated. After that, we get the RemoteApp Disconnected error saying we can't connect for one of the 3 reasons; user account not authorized, computer not authorized, or incompatible authentication method. We have followed many articles and are still stuck. Any help would be great right now. Thanks!!

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We were able to figure out that our failed attempts at launching the apps were creating a 1309 event. After some research we discovered that our terminal server needed to be a member of the RAS and IAS  Servers group. After adding the server into that group the apps launch again externally and internally.