SMB connections interrupted - events 30805,30807,30806,30808

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all my Remote Desktop servers (Windows Server 2016) periodically report events SMBClient 30805 and 30807. Upon these events, SMB stops working (cannot reach any SMB share by hostname, IP address; even by command prompt, the net use \\hostname shows a blinking cursor and no result). Servers are reacheable on the network (I can PING them).


The problem solves with no intervention after a variable amount of time (one to ten minutes): events SMBClient 30806 and 30808 appear in the Event Viewer.


Thanks in advance to anyone!



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Hello @Francesco_Beccari,


It only happen to your RDS server ?

That’s your users using the RDS that report the issue ?








thank you for your interest.

The problem seems to be related to the Windows Firewall.

I actually disabled Windows Firewall, now I'm testing if the problem solved.

Creating a "allowed by default" in/out policy actually did not help.


Hope this solves :)




Did your solution "Creating a "allowed by default" in/out policy actually did not help." work?


Thanks in advance and waiting for your reply.




Hello Francesco !

I have the same problem? How did you resolve ?

Thanks for your help