Direct RDP vs RemoteApp - Registry Differences in HKCU

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Hi all,


I've got RDS and RemoteApp set up on a single Server 2022 VM. It's working well for the most part but I've got this weird issue with the registry that is causing the app to act differently when going in with direct RDP vs RemoteApp.


We're using a super old app that stores SQL connection strings in HKCU. Someone in the past had built some scripts to pre-populate HKCU, I can't figure out exactly how it works or if it even still does but basically, there was some editing of the default user NTUSER.dat file and a \RunOnce registry item that ran a .reg file to pre-populate those reg keys/string.


When I log into the server with direct RDP, the app picks up the reg keys and works great. When I log into the server with RemoteApp (via HTML5 webclient) it doesn't see the same HKCU registry keys when I log in direct RDP.


I can't make any sense of it. Does RemoteApp use a temporary profile or something? When I log in with RemoteApp and set up the connection strings in the app, it creates the registry entries in the same general location as the connection strings used when logging in direct RDP (HKCU\Software) but it creates them with a different key name. I think this is just an unrelated app issue.


But mostly I'm trying to understand this different experience direct RDP vs RemoteApp. There's got to be something going on that I'm not understanding. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.


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