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One of cluster Node name SRV3 rebooted itself and then came back online

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Dear Community,


We have a Hyper-V Cluster with 3 Nodes. One of its Node got isolated from cluster at 10:21 AM 04/10/2023 and after sometime it came back online in Cluster.

The thing is that we did not reboot the Server nor was there any Update that could have rebooted the server and we did not find any such Logs either.

There was one Log at 10:21 AM logged on failover cluster Manager regarding the srv3 node getting disconnected from Cluster:


There was Event ID:12 regarding Systems under event Logs that said:


and also Event ID:6008 said below:



After Server rebooted, server got back online itself and is working normal as part of a Cluster.


We need to identify root cause of server unexpected reboot and isolation from cluster as Iam not sure which event occurred first, like e.g. Did it reboot first and then it got isolated eventually or some issue occurred due to which machines got isolated and cluster rebooted it?


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I think you might have to give us something more to go on, with this I can see just what you said, but it's hard to discern anything else.

My guess is that SRV3 crashed. That would lead to a cluster event 1135.
You could go and check if there are any BSOD logs. Here are some ways to check for them:

Here's another resource for what clusters do to recover when resources are unresponsive:


Thanks. Let me go through these Links. I will get back to you. @randriksen_