Anyone using Essential Role on Windows server 2016 Datacenter?

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I have been try to integrate Office 365 add in on Windows server 2016. But I am getting the following error repeatedly.

there was an issue configuring the integration Windows server 2016.jpg


Server: Windows server 2016 Datacenter with Essential role Installed. 

I tried to create multiple VMs in Azure with Windows server 2016 Datacenter, when I try to integrate all of them are showing the same above error.


Later I installed the Windows Server 2016 datacenter on local computer, here also getting the same above integration error?


Does Windows server 2016 support integration with O365 and Azure?

kindly help

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Azure AD Connect can't be installed on Small Business Server or Windows Server Essentials before 2019 

Azure AD Connect: Prerequisites and hardware | Microsoft Docs


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Dave, I didn't mentioned anywhere about Azure AD Connect. Please don't blindly reply.

Too funny, please reread the dialog box you posted.




This is very unfortunate, I think this is the reason why I am not able to perform Office 365 integration on the dashboard