Windows failed to apply the Deployed Printer Connections settings

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Dears all,


I have a problem in subject when use the command gpupdate on cmd.

I noted this error on all new computers that are configured in these days.

The new computers are Windows 10 21H1 and the printer server is Windows Server 2012 R2. 


Do you have any idea?


Thanks for your help

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I am getting the exact same message and it has completely stopped all printer deployments via GPO from print servers. It began when we replaced the DC and Print Server at one of our locations 48hrs ago. Original servers were 2012R2 and the new ones are 2019. We had done the exact same replacement at another location about 45 days earlier and had no issues. Issue was noticed less than 2hrs after the second set of servers were replaced. This issue has since propagated to my entire network. Workstations are all Win10  1909 - 21H1.


In attempting to recover from this we have took the 2019 servers offline and reverted back to original 2012R2 servers but the problem is still persisted so we went back to the 2019 servers. We can add prints from the print servers manually via add print since they are listed in the Directory. It is only GPO printer deployment that is not working. All other GPO's in the domain are processing properly. I have already tried creating a new Printer Deployment GPO, I read an article about possible GPO corruption,  and it doesn't working either. 


I have been researching this and have yet to find a solution that works and the more I read the more it sounds like the most recent Microsoft Security updates, 8/21 or 9/21, that have broken it.






Same issue here, no change to servers etc. but a few new users added to the domain this week do not get deployed printers. I have tried deploying via computer instead of user and still no joy, get the exact same message. I too think it is something to do with recent windows updates (again)

I found this this morning and it appears to be the same issue we are experiencing here. It appears that it is in fact the Print Nightmare update that released in August. People have found ways to temporarily fix the issue but the next time you apply updates it will probably break again. Microsoft needs to fix this screw up.


Follow this link to the posting  @RiccaVannu