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Has others fighting with the Microsoft's CSV files when trying to check the files related to updates. Let us the latest printing nightmare issue as an example: July 6, 2021—KB5004946... 

On bottom you have the "File Information", and there is a link to the CSV file.


When you download the file, you are getting a file which contains line like followings:

Windows 10 version 1909 x86-based Out-of-band,,,,
File name,File version,Date,Time,File size



Windows 10 version 1909 x64-based Out-of-band,,,,
File name,File version,Date,Time,File size




So they basically have multiple CSV files in one file.


How cool it would be, if they are publishing these files so that OS version is one of the column instead of own line? And then they do have one big CSV file. Something like following:

Windows OS, File name,File version,Date,Time,File size

Then it would be possible to use PS against that file directly. You only need to do filtering based your OS version.





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