Is Microsoft going to actually remove built-in Flash?

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So i have installed January Windows 10 1909 patches on my machine and today Qualys is still complaining i have Obsolete software (like thousands of other machines on the network). It points to ocx files. On KB page of this month's cumulative patch they say "Flash content will be blocked from running". So it seems they are not actually removing it. I wonder if they are going to remove it later or just leave it as is. I have went through a cycle "click this link to have more info" and nowhere they say something concrete and eventually lead you to Adobe's page, which is not relevant for built-in Flash player. We can of course remove this file with our management software, but i would rather leave this for Microsoft to do. Decided to ask around if anyone has seen some post/article or anything about that. Asked in our Teams channel with Microsoft, but have not much hopes to get answer from them. They usually consult about licenses.

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