Does Microsoft Cares about Windows Update

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While MS is doing all the way to secure the computers with Windows Updates and Feature Updates, i recently noticed that in my org many users started using a 3rd Party utility (StopUpdates10) to Block Windows updates. This utility does the hard block of windows update and never allows to turn on Windows updates.

This makes my environment very vulnerable. The Free utility is portable and user can run with out UAC restrictions as well.


I want Microsoft to take some action on that, and this Utility must be deleted automatically by Defender. At any cost, windows update services must not be turned off using any means of Registry or any other 3rd party and Microsoft must look into this.

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I just tried the tool you mentioned, it does require Admin access. without admin, it can neither run nor perform anything in registry, group policy, services etc.


if your users are using it, and they are not supposed to have Admin rights, then there is something wrong in your org that needs to be looked into.

If some of the users do this you can for example past them a warnings then if it continues fire them for piracy (since this software modify the behavior or your software without authorization (definition of piracy)).