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Installing Windows 11 does not work
when I want to install Windows 11 in my Insiders settings you have to click DEV. But I only have 1 button and that is Release Preview. That's why I can't install Windows 11. can anyone help me to solve this.

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@Lungjohn Hi

You need to download the ISO directly from the site and install it manually, but all your files will be deleted - keep this in mind

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs


You can download the stable version and update in place then you will keep your files and applications.

Download Windows 11 (

Hello, Thanks for a quick response. This is what my laptop has:
The PC currently does not meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11.
Now what?
This explains everything - stay in the RP channel for Windows10.
I do not recommend workarounds to install Windows11.
there is currently no Dev channel. insider program for windows10
Microsoft provides support by 2025
Thanks a lot, but how i get Windows 10 Pro. At this moment i use Windows 10 Home.

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You have to have a valid Pro license key.
No I don't have one. But I don't quite understand. When I started as a windows insider, I had never heard of windows 10 before. Because before I used Windows 10, I was using Windows version 7. So from the moment I signed up to become a Windows Insider, I was able to Install Windows 10. And that was Windows 10 Pro being Installed. But after a while I got a computer crash, and so had to reinstall everything, and what happened just installed windows 10 Home. Hence my call on how I could get my Windows 10 Pro back. But alas, I am tossed from side to side with no result. Too bad right?