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Installing Windows 11 does not work
when I want to install Windows 11 in my Insiders settings you have to click DEV. But I only have 1 button and that is Release Preview. That's why I can't install Windows 11. can anyone help me to solve this.

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@Lungjohn Hi

You need to download the ISO directly from the site and install it manually, but all your files will be deleted - keep this in mind

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs


You can download the stable version and update in place then you will keep your files and applications.

Download Windows 11 (

Hello, Thanks for a quick response. This is what my laptop has:
The PC currently does not meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11.
Now what?
This explains everything - stay in the RP channel for Windows10.
I do not recommend workarounds to install Windows11.
there is currently no Dev channel. insider program for windows10
Microsoft provides support by 2025
Thanks a lot, but how i get Windows 10 Pro. At this moment i use Windows 10 Home.

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You have to have a valid Pro license key.
No I don't have one. But I don't quite understand. When I started as a windows insider, I had never heard of windows 10 before. Because before I used Windows 10, I was using Windows version 7. So from the moment I signed up to become a Windows Insider, I was able to Install Windows 10. And that was Windows 10 Pro being Installed. But after a while I got a computer crash, and so had to reinstall everything, and what happened just installed windows 10 Home. Hence my call on how I could get my Windows 10 Pro back. But alas, I am tossed from side to side with no result. Too bad right?
I can't speak to how you had Pro before. When you upgraded from 7 to 10, your edition should have carried over to a digital entitlement tied to your MSA. A clean install of Windows 10 should have picked that up. Upgrading from 10 to 11 will keep your existing edition. If your digital entitlement doesn't show Pro, you will need to purchase a key. You can also contact Customer Support to see if they can assist.

Yes I know, I have already contacted that service and they sent me to that community. They can't help me. Anyway I will leave it for what it is and continue with Windows 10 Home. Thanks in advance for the tip