Windows 11 Start Menu

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Hey Insiders and Microsoft Technicians!

I would like to present my thoughts on the start menu of Windows 11.

So basically shortly I can say that you'll have downgraded the start menu. In windows 10 it is so much more advanced, easier to use and logical. In Windows 10 you can't even resize it, no live tiles, only pinned apps when you open it and lacks buttons. I am still not very satisfied with Windows 11 like I was with Windows 10. Windows 11 is more of good looking and certainly misses a lot of features like the peek desktop on hover, the irritating 4 icons at the beginning of the taskbar which I would like to remove. 


Certainly not happy.


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Here are some suggestions in the Feedback Hub for people for people who prefer the Windows 10 start menu to upvote:


These links result in a pop-up that says 'Your account doesn't have access to this feedback'
The new Mac like start menu is definitely a giant step backwards for people that actually use their computer for work. Who would have thought Microsoft would give us a less useable start menu than what a Chromebook provides.