Video keeps fast forwarding automatically

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Hi all,

I am facing issues with video playing on my computer. 

Windows Specifications are following:

Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎27-‎08-‎2021
OS build 22000.168
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.168.0


1. When I try to play a video in "Movies & TV", it keeps fast forwarding itself.

2. When I try to play a video in VLC, it just keeps restarting the video and never plays it.

3. When I try to play a video in KMPlayer, it plays last video of the folder with a message "the last file of the folder is already loaded". No matter which video I choose to play, it plays the last video of the folder.


What I have tried so far:

1. Restarting the computer.

2. Resetting the computer with clean installation of above update.


Please share a resolution. Thank you.



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Interesting. Report this to Feedback Hub app. Go to your start menu, all apps, then find the Feedback Hub app and go to Feedback of that app. From there you can report the problem and/or see if others are having this same issue.

Thank you @Anthony 

In addition, there are other problems I have noticed. 

1. When playing video from YouTube playlist on Chrome/Edge, it keeps skipping videos and plays no video. It keeps adding new videos to the queue and keeps skipping.

2. Same problem with Groove Music, it keeps changing tracks automatically and plays no song.


Interesting. I wonder if the same problems happen on Firefox browser. Edge is Chromium just as Chrome is Chromium and I've had issues where the same bug in Edge Canary was also in Chrome Canary. Firefox uses a different source code so I wonder if the same errors happen on non-chromium browsers.

@Anthony  I downloaded VLC from Microsoft Store.

It plays video but the volume control and the video name with play/paue, previous, next button never goes. They remains visible during video all the time.



Yeah, I have VLC and I don't have that issue with Windows 11. VLC, Youtube, and Windows Media all work fine. I'm on 22000.168. So, I'm not sure what the issue could be in that case with VLC. Although I downloaded VLC through the VLC website. Maybe it's an issue with your sound card or sound card compatibility? Drivers all up to date?

@Anthony I cleared history from Microsoft Edge and everything is fine now. Thanks for your insights.

Hi, I am having exactly similar issue. Do you mean that cleaning up the Microsoft Edge history even fixed the media player problem?

@Sudhaaker i'm here for the exact same reason. Youtube videos just keep fast forwarding after about playing for 20 seconds. It just started today. I've restarted my phone and cleared the YouTube app cache and it's still doing it.

press window Key + R, then type "systempropertiesadvanced" & hit enter.


pop out System Properties window & go for Performance & Click Settings...ThenPerformance Options window pop out & please choose Adjust for Best Performance. 

Performance OptionsPerformance Options

hit the Apply button then perform the change.
Hello, Did you find the solution?

Hi @souravsambit,

I have installed windows 10 because my computer was to slow on windows 11.

Now I don't have this problem.


@Sudhaaker This is exactly what I was getting fast forward, replying again and again in VLC, when I was pressing brightness button both brightness bar as well as volume bar were popping up, just after pressing brightness button trackpad cursor getting stuck etc.


due to this I checked drivers, reset everything and atlast updated my windows 10 (where I was getting this issue) to windows 11 through clean installation but all in vain the issue persisted.


Sol!. I get rid of this not by any technical stuff but one morning I thought as it is getting fast forward so the forward button :fast_forward_button: might got stuck and clean the forward button, brightness button by blowing air and with a stick and also hit my laptop here and there a little hard (something might got stuck somewhere) after doing this I turn on my laptop.....God knows the problem but I checked everything all issue is solved now.