queued for unenrollment but when will i get the KB503 update to allow me to update to 23H2 ?

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hello, currently on W11 insider preview evaluation copy. build 23590.ni_prerelease.231110-1455 .... i am queued for unenrollment from this, on the next major release, which has already happened apparently....yet, each forum i look on, on how to get the 23H2 update, tells me about getting the KB5031455....yet when i search for updates, windows update does not find it, even with " get latest updates when available " enabled... i have tried downloading it manually from MS catalog, and it tells me my pc is not applicable ? but even the MS download page, which states 23H2 is ready to download, only actually tries to install 22H2 and of the 3 options to keep files or not, it only offers to wipe them entirely, something MS themself admitted it would NOT do..... any ideas ? would love to be on the latest release and to FINALLY get away from insider preview, without having to do a much hated reinstall.....i am from the UK btw

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yeah, same issue, currently I'm on 23536 preview version Beta channel and queued for an enrollment too;
Have you fixed it or found the solution?

Or does anybody have any ideas?

hey friend, sorry for delay, apparently you cannot unenroll....so...i had to do a total clean install of windows 11, which was a HUGE ball ache :(