Windows 11 Error "Some of your settings are managed by your organization"

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On my PC, I was facing this error, I asked Microsoft Support to help me out but they weren't able to solve this, The problem is in my Location Settings, In which I can't change any of my Settings.

After some time I got the solution that I thought will help people in trouble with the same issues.


Step 1:- Press Windows Logo Key + R and type REGEDIT

Step 2:- Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\LocationAndSensors
If you can't find this, navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows and right-click on Windows, and select NEW KEY.
Name that key as "LocationAndSensors"
Right-click on the key you just created and select New and then DWORD and then name it as "DisableLocation".

Step 3:- Right-click on DisableLocation and then click on Modify, change its value to 0

Step 4:- In Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows, right-click and select New and then QWORD [Note:- If you use 32-bit OS, select DWORD (32-bit value)]

Step 5:- Rename it as "AllowSearchToUseLocation" and then right-click on it and select Modify, change its value to 1

Step 6:- Restart your computer

Hope this will help!

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@Fazxl786 Hi, this tweak worked for me, but DisableLocation keeps resetting back to 1 after a re-boot. Any ideas how to fix that please?

I have the same issue. I have "fixed" this problem at least 5 times, but it keeps resetting itself.
I know this is not an ideal solution, but you could just remove the account that is causing the problem to solve it.

@Raghav15 But see that wouldnt make since when you setup the computer with your normal main account and when there is no other accounts. So what then?

I have found a More permanent solution by TechBased plese visit link to his website page were he describes how to tackle the issue.

Hello @gkpdex,

I'm sad that this didn't help you, the possible reason behind this could be the version of Windows 11. At that time, Windows 11 was a newer Operating System for everyone. Now, In the current times, this problem might have got some other type of solution, which can be why it didn't work for you.

And from my side, I tried every possible solution and this was the one that worked for me.

I'll still see if I can find a better solution to this problem.


I have already answered your question



That link now goes to "we are performing maintenance" ... and white screen (2 Apr 23).

Not sure if unlucky timing, but posted here for others if a permanent message.


I have tried to go to that newspaper directly to find that article ...

But ... which newspaper source was it from??


This is an ongoing & frustrating problem for me, a number of devices saying I belong to an organizasation, when I don't .. and yes, I am Admin.


I have tried the local group policy suggestions etc, to no avail.


Really Microsoft, get it together.

Thanks - applied as above but not working for me. I restaretd computer & checked settings above are retaine - they are, but still not a fix for me (Apr 23).
Today's Date 4-5-2023
Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621
x64-based PC

This is a new Alienware x17 R1 laptop
11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30 GHz, 22304 MHz, 8 Cores, 16 Logical Processor
Latest BIOS Alienware 1.17.0, 2/8/2023

This did not work, my choices are Balanced, I can not access critical things like setting the USB, so my external USB SSD hard drives repeatedly disconnect and get re-found and asked what I want to do with them, my Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 that connects via USB 3.1 that I use for my sound system, recording audio in Digital Audio Workstations software as a content creator gets crackly audio especially when trying to listen to any audio off the internet, and all fixes given by Focusrite support have been crippled because of a Microsoft update basically crippling this state of the art gaming laptop, I can't even over clock. I am very disappointed in Microsoft WIndows 11. I never had these issues before the update a few months back and I never had these issues with Windows 10. Microsoft, we need to have access to these basic settings to use our computers to basic functions like listen to audio and do recordings. My choices are Microsoft FIX THIS, try to find and Install windows 10, make the jump to LINUX or buy an Apple Computer in which case I am out $2300 for this new Laptop. Windows 11 has crippled this powerful gaming laptop. I had Windows ME, XP and Windows 7 computers that could listen to streaming Audio through external USB Audio devices. There is really sad that the latest Windows 11 has decided to cripple basic functions. This is my PC, I am the admin, and I am locked out of basic functions like selecting a power plan and advanced settings like selecting for the USB ports to no go to sleep. And for Microsoft to be aware of this issue and pretend there is no FIX is unacceptable.

I cannot do my work as a Voice-Over Artist-Audio Engineer-Content creator.

@Mark_K300 I can potentially fix your XLR issues with the Scarlet. I am using Windows 11 pro, and route my audio from my GoXLR/Elgato XLR Mic to my HyperX Wireless Headphones. If you have a broadcast out in your recording settings, you can set playback by right-clicking properties, navigating to Listen and then select playback through x device and your audio would work. That is how I have my GoXLR setup.

My solution was to uninstall Spyboy Anti-Beacon.