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Problem with windows update

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I have an error message : Something went wrong. Try to reopen Settings later.

In addition to that windows update and bits missing from services

In Troubleshoot ..Problem which not fixed is: Some security settings are missing or have been changed

Screenshot 2022-07-17 165139.png

Screenshot 2022-07-17 165653.png


How can I fix this problem??

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Since when this problem started?
Open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Open start and search for cmd or command prompt and right click and run it as administrator and then type the following command:

sfc /scannow

Press enter and let it runs.

the problem not fixed.. I tried sfc, dism and troubleshoot @Reza_Ameri 

Are you using insider build?
Try performing Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?
Have a look at:
I have the exact same issue, I've tried everything and I don't know what to do!
Make sure file a report using the Feedback Hub app.
Have you tried the Clean Boot.

@Reza_Ameri I have tried everything, the issue is still there 

You may report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
I believe you already followed number of troubleshooting steps.
However, you may try follow steps on: