My PC troubleshoot not working nor can manage my pc settings

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Cannot access my pc manage settings nor I can  run any troubleshoots . Is their any  solutions regarding the issues..



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Publisher: Unknown

File origin: Hard drive on this computer

Program location: "C\WINDOWS\system32\mmc.exe" "C \WINDOWS\system32\compmgmt.msc" /s


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Is your PC part of the domain or companies network?
In case your PC is managed one, this is a policy set by your administrator and you should ask them to review it.
However, in case it is standalone or home PC or unmanaged device, let us know so we guide you through the troubleshooting steps.
Even I'm signed in an as administrator but even then its blocked by administrator.
Try open start and search for cmd or Command Prompt and right click and run it as administrator and then run the following command:

sfc /scannow

Press enter and let it runs.
Try download and run a full system scan with: