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Switch from Windows 11 ARM preview (Dev) to stable release?

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Just a few days ago, I installed the Windows 11 Insider edition (ARM version) on my Mac.  It's the Dev channel.  I didn't have the option to choose the Beta channel when I installed.  Windows 11 is running quite well in my VM, though this preview version is missing some apps (like Microsoft Store).  


If I want to switch to the stable release of Windows 11 ARM (once it's available), how would I go about doing so? Would I need to do a clean install?  I'm not interested in the Dev channel as such, though I'd be fine with it as long as it works well.  I just want a Windows 11 VM. with all the features I'd expect in Windows 11!  



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I have since discovered a solution. I did a clean install with the 22000.194 build. That gave me not only Microsoft Store but all the Windows apps that were missing from my Dev build. I was also able to select the Beta or the Release Preview channels. I chose Release Preview and opted out of the Windows Insider Program so I would be on track for official Windows 11 releases.
Very well!
There is a lack of official documentation that confirms the right steps to get the Windows11 update - stable.
Thank you for sharing.
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Thanks for providing these details. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

How did you do a "clean install" of Win 11?

Once you completed this process, were you able to activate this installation of Win 11, either through purchasing a new license or upgrading using a previous license?