Limited internet speed

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I have tried to get assistance from the Microsoft team on this issue, but due to being a Windows Insider Programme (Windows 11 Pro, Version 23H2, OS build 22635.3286 ni_release) user I can't get it escalated to level 2 and I have been pointed here.


Recently the wifi and ethernet download speed of my pc has dropped significantly, from the 400Mbps that all my other devices can access to about 50Mbps. The Level 1 assistance team has already checked connection settings and device drivers, but the speed does not improve.


Can anyone here identify if the issue is a bug or something else? 

Let me know what kind of details you would need. 


Thank you in advance.


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Are you facing the same issue in Safe Mode too?
You may also ask your question on:
First and foremost, Restart your Router. It should be restarted once in a while so you get connected to the strongest connection available. Further things you can do are listed below in the link....
Something else that came to mind was how many Devices do you have running on your Wi Fi at any one time. The more Devices you have connected will slow down your Internet Connection. For Exp: Phone, X Box, Television, PC, Tablets, Alarm System, and so on. Also Check to see if you have any outside Connections or Unwanted Devices Connecting to your Wi FI.
Always make sure you keep your Wi Fi Secured and Protected as this can lead to lots of Problems from Malicious Users to Free Loaders piggy backing on your Network. Here is an Article to help you out....