I can't download Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview

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Hi. I registered Windows Insider program.

I can't download Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview


When I try to download it I get the following error: Refer to Message Code 715-123130



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Proszę o wersję zapoznawczą !

A jaki masz teraz wersję ?

Urządzenie musi pobrać wszystkie potrzebne aktualizacje do jest niezbędne !

Do nie jest aplikacja ze sklepu sklep

    życzę powodzenia !   


I joined the Windows Insider Program.
I am a Mac M1 user.
I want to install virtual Windows 10 arm with Paraleles application.
I need the Windows 10 arm image for me.

przepraszam , ale poprosiłem o pomoc bardziej kompetentnego członka Tech Community nic nie mogę więcej pomóc !
I've test on this site: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windowsinsiderpreviewARM64?wa=wsignin1.0 I am able to download the Windows 10 on ARM insider preview with no issue, have u tried access that site on a Windows 10 machine to download? or using a different web browser on your Mac.
I have tried it with different browsers.
The problem continues.
Nie wiem czy to dobry pomysł?
Spróbuj zainstalować Windows 10 jako 2 system na urządzeniu - nie wirtualny system !
Ale nie mam pewności do tego pomysłu !
Jeżeli ci się uda to zrobić to napisz jestem ciekawy !



that error usually indicates a problem with your network.

if you are using a proxy or VPN, try turning it off, if you are not using one, try use a VPN. the idea is to change your network.

I've seen that error before.

the file is downloadable for me, the 8GB VHDX.

Yes, I fixed the problem with VPN yesterday. Thanks.
Good, you're welcome!
Wait how did u fix it? I tried adding vpn to my network, it isnt working out for me.

@yasinyan Hi, I have tried downloading windows 10 on ARM insider preview from different websites but it's not working. I currently have a Macbook Air with an M1 chip. Can you help me through.


Hello! Im having the same problem, how to make it right? Still error







Try with an Microsoft account to join insider program


Hey I am trying to download windows 10 insider preview ARM64 run on my mac M1. However, the available version on the official website is windows 11 pro. Do you happen to have the vhdx file for windows 10 by any chance?

The Windows 10 ARM version is not supported by Microsoft, even you can running it so far with Parallels it will happen some issues related to hardware compatibility... Best way to try it with a X86 machine.
Can the M1 mac run windows x86? I read that it would only run the ARM architecture
Nope, M1 cannot run any X86 OS except certain ARM OS which adapted for M1. Why you want to run Win10 on M1 specifically?


I am basically working on a robot project that has initially been programmed using windows and MATLAB and the team wishes to continue with the same. I downloaded windows 11 ARM preview and am running it on my M1 using parallels. However, the windows are unable to detect prolific devices that I connect to my MAC. I did download and install the specific drivers but they just wouldn't show up, primarily because those drivers are built for windows 10 and earlier versions. 

I see... Then I would suggest you to using a Intel Mac or regular Windows 10 machine with either Intel or AMD processor to do your work.