canary permissions,ownership problem

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hi  im having an issue any file i try to copy, move,edit from c: to another locations saids can't contact orgination or administrator or if i try to change user permissions or file permission saids the samething

and im set to administrator it started to happen in august after an update might have to do with this update kb502213 people said they removed it and the user and permissions were back to normal but i can't find that update installed do to im on the canary builds, any help would be helpfull, it like in adminstrator and no control and owner system is in control and it won't allowed me to change it

system might have to do with the orginations

thank you

Ron Steffens


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Verify if you're on administrator account or standard account.

Run 'netplwiz' command, let us know if you're in admin or user group only.

If you're on user group only, we can help to restore admin rights.