Activating Windows 11 Preview build 22000.100 on Core i7-5775C

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Windows 11 currently doesn't enforce the TPM requirement. If I activate it on my Core i7-5775C, will I be able to update to the final version without TPM support or will my PC be stuck on a pre-release Windows 11 build? Does the preview build stop working after a certain period of time? 


EDIT: Seems VirtualBox emulates TPM. I wasn't able to install Windows 11 until after I enabled TPM in the BIOS of a Core i3 5th gen HP laptop. So Windows 11 in preview release *IS* enforcing TPM requirement.

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TPM 2.0 seems to be minimum requirement, so check if your system has a TPM chip already installed. Atm, Windows 11 preview builds don't have expiry date defined, else it should be shown in About Windows page you get by 'winver' command.