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I am trying to find out how I can grant a azure user access so that I can use my own Azure account to open the Server Monitor dashboard without having to login with a Azure Global Admin?  


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Hi, to grant an Azure user access to use your own Azure account for the Server Monitor dashboard in WAC without needing Azure Global Admin login, you should assign the user specific Azure roles like Azure Monitor Reader or Log Analytics Reader. This is done through the Azure portal by navigating to Azure Active Directory, selecting the user, and assigning appropriate roles under "Roles and administrators." Additionally, configure Access Control (IAM) on necessary Azure resources and utilize Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for fine-grained permissions, potentially creating custom roles if needed. Ensure WAC is connected to Azure, using Azure Active Directory for authentication, and verify that the user's permissions allow access to the Server Monitor dashboard functionalities without Global Admin rights. Testing the setup by logging in with the user's account to WAC to access the Server Monitor dashboard will confirm if the permissions are correctly applied.