Newly created local users cannot login Windows Admin Center

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I have set up a small lab environment to test Windows Admin Center with one physical Windows Server 2019 on a Workgroup.


I installed WAC on a Windows 10 machine (on Azure AD, no AD joined) and I can connect just fine to the server with the default Administrator account.


I created a second account (TestAdmin) and put in the Administrators group. The newly created user can long in Remote Desktop without problems and it is a local admin of the remote server, but I cannot use this user account (TestAdmin) to manage the server with WAC or PowerShell and I keep getting an error "Access is denied".


Thanks for your suggestions.

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I seem to have found the setting: the new user needs to be added to the Remote Management Users group.


I am confused, however: aren't Administrators already in the Remote Management Users group? Why would an admin need to be added to a separate security group to admin a machine remotely? By the way, the default the built in Administrator account is not in the Remote Management Users group, but does have this limitation.

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The link has the exact explanation, thanks!