WAC into IIS?

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i have recently been messing around with IIS and been using WAC to the side to manage my minecraft server, is there anyway to include WAC into IIS?
since WAC is web based?

i would like to know if its possible, if not then too bad
if it is, i would like to know how :)

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Hi @generaal-eric,


As far as I know it's not possible.


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@Leon Laude thanks for the quick response, though the question would then be, how would WAC benefit from it

Not sure what you mean, have you considered managing your IIS via Windows Admin Center (WAC) instead of directly in the IIS?


If you have any feedback about WAC, you may post it over here:

@Leon Laude i meant like hosting a website with IIS, just place the portal site files within IIS, and have IIS manage the thing, or would that be redundant? or am i just being dumb?

I'm not sure that would work, but then again I have not tested it, it's not supported for sure but it doesn't mean that it won't "work" :)


@Leon Laude dont mind if i do then :p